As you decorate your baby’s nursery, you’ll likely look at different options for window treatments. It’s important to be careful in the design of the room, as it needs to be safe for your child. While a newborn may not be reaching for blinds or curtains, that early stage rapidly passes and you’re likely to find your child exploring in no time.

Here are some tips for selecting a safe option for your nursery’s windows.

Avoid Cords

Small children can get a cord wrapped around a wrist where it can cut off circulation. However, the biggest worry is when you have a cord around the child’s neck. This can result in far worse than poor circulation and it has caused deaths in the past.

To avoid this potential risk, you should skip the cord completely if possible. Aim for shutters that don’t require a cord, cordless blinds or roller shades, or curtains without a long tie.

Choose Light Materials

Heavy curtains can smother a small child, so you should aim for lighter materials where possible. A roller shade is a good choice, as it will tend to simply roll back up if a child pulls on it and if it does fall, nothing will happen. However, curtains can be more dangerous and it’s essential that you consider the fabric as you select them.

Secure Your Rods

One of the biggest threats with curtains is a child pulling on the curtain and dislodging the curtain rod. If not properly secured, these rods can end up falling down and hurting your child. Ensure that your curtain rods are properly secured so you don’t need to worry about this. You may also choose lighter rods so they won’t cause major injury if they do come down.

Move Furniture

No furniture should be near the window. This allows children to climb up and reach things they should not. It’s best to keep the curtains to just the size of the window so there’s nothing to grab easily from the floor.

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