Premium quality curtains offer superior craftsmanship and longevity. We use high-quality fabrics that provide better light control, insulation and durability. These curtains can elevate the aesthetic of any room with their elegant designs and precise tailoring, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing your room’s overall ambiance.

Quality Materials

With a wide choice of fabrics and colours available, you can create the curtains of your dreams. Let your imagination go wild as you choose from the different colours, styles and lining options we have on offer. With a comprehensive range of patterns, you can even design your curtains to match your furnishings.

Complete the Look

We also offer complementary tiebacks, valances, pelmets, bedding and cushions. We can provide you with featured curtain tracks and metal or wooden pole sets to ensure your home is as elegant as you imagined.

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Made to measure curtains

How much do made-to-measure curtains cost in 2024?

Made-to-measure curtains can be more expensive than ready-made options due to their custom nature. They are tailored to fit your specific window sizes and preferences, offering a perfect fit and personalized style. Their superior quality can result in longer-lasting curtains that offer better light control and energy efficiency. While an initial investment, made-to-measure curtains can add significant aesthetic value to your home and may be worth the extra expense for the perfect look and fit.

Why are made-to-measure curtains so expensive?

The higher cost can be attributed to the premium materials, craftsmanship and customisation involved in their production. Additional factors such as fabric type, design complexity and extra features like lining or special treatments can influence the price too. Despite the higher cost, made-to-measure curtains provide a number of benefits – including precise fit, high-quality materials and unique designs – that enhance your space.