When it comes to choosing blinds for a room, it can be tricky knowing which to go for. Each style has its own benefits and can bring a unique atmosphere to a space through light and shade. That said, homeowners that have opted for high-quality Venetian blinds will be well aware of their merits; these well-crafted window furnishings bring an air of class and elegance to any living space.

However, as beautiful as they are, Venetian blinds do require a little maintenance; if there’s one thing that can dampen the aesthetic appeal of your blinds, it’s dust and dirt. Of course, it’s almost impossible to stop dust from settling, but staying on top of your cleaning can prevent it from getting out of control.

So, how should you go about cleaning your Venetian blinds? Read on to hear our tips.

Is It Necessary To Remove Your Blinds?

While the thought of tackling your Venetians may seem tricky, there is no need to take them down. In fact, doing so could make your life harder; unless the mechanisms have become lodged or jammed, leave the blinds in place. This way, you’ll be able to use their adjustable nature to your advantage whilst cleaning.

What You’ll Need

Done properly, removing dust is an easy process, and you won’t need much equipment to do so. Simply grab your feather duster or anti-static/microfiber cloth and get to work! However, if the blinds are covered in tougher dirt and grime, you may need a slightly damp cloth.

In certain areas, such as kitchens, using you’ll want to be a little more thorough. Using an anti-bacterial spray or wipe is the simplest way to remove bacteria and germs that could build up over time.


It is important to keep in mind that although wooden Venetian blinds are usually sturdy, they’re not invincible and heavy-handed cleaning could cause damage or knock them out of place. To clean them safely, lower the blinds and open the slats horizontally. Then, using one hand to clean and the other supporting the back of the blinds, gently wipe from one end to the other.

Of course, the pleasure of Venetian blinds is their adjustability, so cleaning both sides is important. Though dust is less likely to gather on the underside, staining can still occur, so be sure you don’t neglect this part. After all, out of sight is not necessarily out of mind.

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