The design and quality of made-to-measure blinds are unparalleled when compared to their off-the-shelf counterparts. Not to mention the simple joy of possessing a product which is tailored to meet your exact requirements and the style of your home. The choices really are exhaustive, and once you get your blinds exactly how you want them, only by moving house will you be parted from them. When it comes to purchasing brand new blinds for your property, generally speaking, there are two options available to you: made to measure or off the shelf. 

Off the shelf are the ready-made options, packaged up and all made to the specific specification, whereas made to measure gives you the flexibility to have a blind that meets your specific needs and is tailored to your exact requirements.

Taking this into consideration, let’s have a closer look at the specific benefits of made to measure blinds so you can be well informed in making the right decision for you. 

Better size and fit

Not many windows actually come in a standard size, so with this in mind, finding blinds that fit right can be a very tricky challenge. With made to measure blinds, your windows are specifically measured so that blinds can be made to fit them perfectly. This supports you in lots of ways as they keep the light out and offer better privacy as there are fewer gaps. A well fitted blind can also increase your home’s energy efficiency as the warmth is kept in and the cold air and draughts kept out.

Made to measure blinds are not mass-produced and are instead made from scratch as an individually tailor-made piece, to suit your exact window sizes and requirements. The benefit of this is that you know that your blinds will fit your windows perfectly when you get them, with no additional alterations necessary before fitting. This is a major time-saving factor, but the tailor-made service is usually reflected in the price of the blind, as you are paying for a bespoke service. If budget is an issue and you still require a customized fit, then it’s worth remembering that many ready-made roller and vertical blinds can be cut to size to fit your windows, giving you the same customized look and perfect fit that a made to measure blind can.

Range of fabrics

Having the freedom to choose your own materials is one of the great luxuries that comes with choosing custom made blinds. Not only will you be able to find something that is the exact colour and style to complement the specific room you are decorating. As well as this, you can also rest assured knowing it is an excellent quality material too. Don’t forget to ask to see some samples first before making your decision.

Range of linings

When choosing your blinds, you can opt for an extra layer to line the back of the blind, this is especially useful in summer. If having total darkness is important to you when choosing a blackout material would be a good idea, or you could simply go for a thicker lining to insulate your room more effectively.

High quality

As previously mentioned, made to measure blinds are crafted and tailored to the dimensions of a particular window. The craftsmanship is therefore of a much higher standard than readymades, this is due to the careful attention of a craftsperson and the superior quality of the materials. On the whole, made to fit blinds are made to much higher standards than regular blinds. Their wonderful quality makes them highly durable and also much more economical in the long term so they shouldn’t need replacing as regular at standard store-bought blinds do.

The investment in bespoke work means the blinds last much longer and have greater warranties in place if any faults should occur. A good, long warranty means the manufacturer is confident in their work and customer service, so always look for this feature as an overall standard.

Customer design

Made to measure blinds gives you the option to personalise your blinds to suit your own style or taste. For example, you could perhaps request to have beading or lace for the perfect finishing touches. 

Size of made to measure blinds

Size can be a big consideration when thinking about whether to go for ready-made or made to measure blinds. Ready-made blinds come in a range of different sizes and lengths and if you have small or average-sized windows then you’ll probably find a ready-made blind to suit your requirements, even if it has to be customized and cut to size to fit. 

Furthermore, if you have a particularly wide window or unusually tall windows then the chances are that you’ll be looking at having your blinds custom made to fit, as you won’t find anything in a ready-made blind option that will match your sizes. If you do have particularly wide or tall windows then you’ll probably find that vertical or roller blinds will be the best option for your windows. 

After looking at the many advantages to choosing made to measure blinds, it is obvious to see the benefits you will receive, as well as this, there are a few other factors that have to be considered as well. What sort of budget you have to work with, what the blinds will be used for and how you need them to function, all contribute to the overall decision. But with made to measure blinds, one thing that is certain is that you are in control of how they turn out, so you can get just what you need. 

The practicality of made to measure blinds

Made to measure blinds will provide you with the additional benefit of being able to customise the control and draw options of the blinds. With made to measure roller blinds, for example, you can opt which side the sidewinder chain is installed on or, where available, select a spring-loaded option instead of a sidewinder chain.

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