A greenhouse may be a good way to ensure your plants have somewhere to grow, but they’re not always ideal. In fact, the way a greenhouse is designed, it will store up heat and may end up too hot for your plants. It’s important to keep the air moving in the greenhouse, but you should also consider adding blinds to protect them.

Throughout the summer, your greenhouse is at risk for overheating and this means you must take steps to protect your plants. Shading is essential during the hotter months.

How Heat Damages Plants

Water moves throughout the plant leaves and the leaves sweat, similar to animals. However, this cannot cool enough if the heat level gets too high. If things are too high, tissue damage will occur.

Air and water are essential for aiding plants in cooling themselves. However, you will need to shade the space, as well. This will prevent so much heat from building up in the space and when combined with good ventilation, you can prevent plant death.

There are some great plants to grow that thrive in the slightly hotter environment, as it mimics the environment they are usually grown in. Chilies are a classic example as they are used to growing in warmer countries.

Ventilation in the Greenhouse

Ideally, your conservatory will be designed with ventilation so you can cool it off during the hotter days of the week. This includes roof vents, windows that can open, side vents, and doors. It’s quite likely that you will need to install mesh to protect your plants from insects.

Plan for at least a square metre of ventilation per five square metres. This allows for the air to completely changed every couple of minutes. This helps your plants stay healthy and will make the environment more tolerable for people and plants alike.

Using Blinds to Protect Your Greenhouse

When sunlight pours into the greenhouse, the heat is trapped by the glass. The best way to prevent that heat from collecting is to prevent the sunlight from getting into the greenhouse in the first place.

Blinds are the ideal way to prevent sunlight from entering where you don’t want it. They can be adjusted as needed, so you can allow some light in without overheating the space. Combined with the ventilation options previously mentioned, it’s possible to keep your greenhouse at a good temperature for the plants even during the heat of summer.

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