While having beautiful blinds, curtains or shutters may always seem like the best choice for your property, you need to think about who else is in your house. Your partner, friends or whoever you live with probably know enough to remain safe and not damage your blinds but pets and children are less likely.


Because of this, they might accidentally damage your window coverings or even hurt themselves at the same time. Here at Blinds Of All Kinds, your expert installer of bespoke made-to-measure blinds, we know the risks that blinds have around children and pets, so have put together this guide to help you.

Read on to find out more about keeping your blinds, children, shutters and pets safe.

Avoid Chords

One of the biggest risks of blinds around children and pets is if they have cords attached to them. Children and pets can get tangled up in them, and animals like cats are particularly attracted to dangling chords. They can also pull too hard on the chords, which can potentially cause the window coverings to snap or fall.

To avoid any issues, try and pick an option that does not require using a cord. If you do have a chord, try and keep it secure and out of reach of your children and pets.

Essential Oils

This one is more for pets, but most animals do not like the smell of essential oils such as citrus or eucalyptus. Mix a few drops with some water and spray on an area you would like them to stay away from. This could be the windowsill below your blinds, or even the blinds themselves.

You can also try plug-in sprays that will help calm your pet down. If they are less high-energy, they are less likely to mess with your curtains or blinds.

Teaching Them No

While sometimes the whims of children can be beyond our control, teaching your child to stay away from blinds is a great method for preventing damage. Make sure that they know that messing with the window coverings is not okay and hopefully this should stop them in their tracks.

Pets are harder to teach to stay away from something, but being strict when they approach the blinds should help. Verbal warnings can establish you don’t want them near the window coverings, while you can also physically pick them up and move them away to show it is an area they shouldn’t go near.

Looking For A Blind Shop Near Me?

Blinds Of All Kinds are able to install bespoke solutions for your window coverings, whether this is made-to-measure curtains, stylish shutters or a wide range of blinds. If you’re worried about your children or pets getting hurt or your blinds being damaged, we can work with you to try and find a solution perfect for you.

So if you’d like to find out more about our options, feel free to get in touch with us today!