Having light poured into your home is always beneficial. It can brighten up a space, provide vitamin D and all together make you feel happier without stepping outside. However, sometimes it is not easy to let the sunlight in while maintaining your privacy.

This is especially the case if you’re living in a ground-floor flat or have a property where your windows face a busy road. You want to be letting the light in and enjoying it but also do not want everybody walking past to be staring in.

Read on for some tips on letting the light in while also maintaining your privacy.

Install Net Curtains

An easy way to let in the light while also maintaining your privacy is through the use of net curtains. These can be an ideal solution that allows you to install your ideal curtains/blinds, but also provide an element of privacy. You can have your blinds open during the day, but the net curtain will allow light into the space while keeping out prying eyes.

Use Room Dividers

You can use room dividers to block out visibility while still allowing light to shine into your space. Room dividers can be placed in front of windows and doors, with light shining around them. You can place them at specific angles to block vision into certain bits of a room, such as areas where you might be sitting, while allowing light to shine into areas that you don’t care are on display.


Installing shutters is a great way of maintaining privacy when you’re living in a space with easy sightlines. Shutters can be set at specific angles, so you can allow light to pour in, but also stop people at ground level from staring in at you. Vertical blinds from Blinds Of All kinds can be tilted to offer both privacy and allow the light to pour in.

Window Blinds & Shades From Blinds Of All Kinds

Blinds Of All Kinds works with our customers to find ideal solutions perfect for their homes. This includes finding ideal choices for a space, taking into consideration the space itself as well as any requirements a customer might have. 

We offer made-to-measure blinds, as well as curtains and shutters so you can find the best option for you. You can work with us to think of an ideal solution for your property, whether it be a ground-floor flat or a room that looks out onto a busy street.

If you’d like to find out more, reach out to us with any questions, concerns or to get started on your window hanging journey with us.