As we move into 2024, many of us are looking to give our home offices a well deserved spruce up. But, where to begin? Our blog dives into some of the things that make the perfect home office, so if you’re looking for tips, keep on reading!

Tips For Your 2024 Home Office

There are so many ways you can enhance your home office. From big changes to small adjustments, you can create the perfect working space right inside your home. Read below for tips.


From your desk to your chair, investing in good quality furniture for your home office is vital. There’s nothing worse than sitting on an uncomfortable chair, or breaking your back to sit at your desk.

If you feel like your furniture isn’t as comfortable as it could be, you might want to invest in new items. It’s important to be comfortable and supported at your desk as you are working so that you can stay productive!

Colour Scheme

Colours are important in your home office, and can have more of an impact on your productivity than you realise. A lot of colour can be distracting, but small accent colours can really bring your space to life.

Plants and green accents can bring a natural, calming vibe to your home office. Blue tones and neutral tones are also great for workspaces and productivity! If you don’t want to make any drastic changes to your office, adding a little colour could be just the right spruce up!


Keeping things neat and tidy contributes massively to our productivity. If your office tends to be a bit of a mess, investing in storage can make all the difference. From desk storage and drawers to filing cabinets, there are plenty of storage options out there, to help you declutter your office!


Lighting is extremely important in a home office, and embracing as much natural light as possible is great for a workspace. Sometimes, it can be difficult to encourage natural light without having a glare or reflection on your computer screen. Natural light is great during the day, as it doesn’t strain your eyes as much, brightening up your office.

Venetian blinds, roller blinds and roman blinds can be great options for your home office. They allow you to control the natural light coming into your space.

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