The benefit of blackout curtain installation cannot be underestimated. From improved sleep to better energy efficiency and thermal insulation, blackout curtains can improve your mood, sleep pattern and privacy simultaneously. Here, we take a closer look at four of the essential benefits of blackout curtains and why you should consider them for your own home.

Staying Dark

Arguably the most significant and important benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to completely block natural light from entering your bedroom. Blackout curtains will provide you with a much better chance of uninterrupted sleep, particularly beneficial if you’re a key worker or someone who is used to working nights and sleeping in the day. In general, people who work night shifts are at a higher risk of developing health problems to their sleeping habits, so by switching to blackout drapery, you are reducing this health risk by creating a realistic nighttime setting no matter how bright the conditions outside.

Saving Energy

With windows playing such an important role in the thermal efficiency of a home, occasionally even contributing to a significant loss in thermal energy, blackout curtains can actually help insulate your home, saving you energy and money in the process. In general, the thicker your blackout curtains are, the greater the impact, helping to prevent heat penetration in your house in the summer and keeping the warm air-insulated during the winter.

Going Quiet

With increased urbanisation across the world, finding peace and quiet in the biggest cities can be more difficult than we’d like. With traffic, roadworks or a noisy neighbourhood all playing their part in noise pollution. Blackout curtains, however, are believed to block up to 40% of noise pollution coming from outside your home, making them a perfect solution for working from home or for making the most of your Sunday lie-in.

Keep It Private

Constructed from an opaque material, blackout curtains won’t just block out the natural light, heat and external noise pollution coming from outside your home, they will also offer you the perfect solution for improved privacy. Ideal for cosying up early on winter nights, or keeping your bedroom cool in the summer, blackout curtains are easily customised to fit your bedroom windows to the shape and size you desire, helping you to shut out the world outside.

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