Conservatories are a great place to relax. You may use them to enjoy some natural light or to shelter from unpredictable weather. You may even use them more practically as a home gym or office. Whatever reason you use your conservatory, there is a big question you may ask yourself. Does my conservatory need blinds?

If you find yourself wondering about this, read on to find out whether it might be time for some conservatory blinds.

Regulate Temperature

Most conservatories are mostly made of glass, and while this is great for letting light in, it also means your conservatory is very exposed to the elements. This is why curtains can be very helpful in regulating the temperature of the room. They’ll help to keep the conservatory cool in the summer by deflecting the sunshine and warmer in the winter month by trapping in heat that might dissipate through the glass easily.


While having a conservatory may sound great, you may miss some elements of privacy while enjoying it. Having curtains installed is a great way to bring some privacy to your space. This means you can use the conservatory well into the evening without having to worry about neighbours looking in and watching your every move.

They’re also great because you can control the privacy you have, opening them to let as much light in as you want and closing them again when you don’t want light or unwanted eyes coming in. This privacy also helps with the security of your home. By having your conservatory blinds closed, a thief cannot see into your home to see if you have any valuables that they wish to steal.


There are a great number of choices when choosing conservatory blinds, so you can choose a colour, style, material and pattern to suit you. You can also pick different styles of blinds, such as tilting, electric or rolling. This lets you have complete control over the amount of light you want to let into your home.

Blind Shops Near Me

If you’re looking to add blinds to your conservatory, get in touch with Blinds Of All Kinds today. We have a wide range of blinds available to our customers, including roller blinds, duette blinds, pleated blinds and so much more that are made to measure for your space. Our customer service team will be able to pair you with great blinds that will suit your conservatory, using their years of experience to guide you in the right direction.

We supply blinds to clients across Crowborough and East Sussex, so visit our website now to find out the contact details for our five different branches or visit our showroom in Crowborough today.