Before you purchase curtains, it’s important you understand the qualities associated with the different fabric options. From expensive and heavy velvet and delicate lace to popular cotton options and modern synthetic alternatives, here’s the different fabrics you should know about:


Heavy or medium weight linen is very thick and strong which makes them a very durable option. They’re associated with elegance and class, yet they wrinkle quickly and sometimes hang quite stiffly which means they require dry cleaning services. They’re also a great eco-friendly choice because they’re a sustainable fabric to use.


This term is French for ‘veil’ and the fabric is usually made of cotton but sometimes it also incorporates some polyester. It’s a very lightweight fabric which is used for soft furnishing and in tropical climates it’s often used for window treatments and mosquito nets.


Cotton is a very common fabric for curtains because it’s very versatile. For example, it can easily be dyed any colour. Quilting and dressmaking cotton is often used but it requires a lining of thicker material to avoid letting in light which can make this inexpensive option more costly in the long run.


A more contemporary option, synthetic fabrics are a very cost-effective option for your curtains. They could be polyester and nylon, for example, and they have a satin-like finish which is aesthetically pleasing. They’re easy to clean and they resist wrinkling which makes them very convenient options.


Particularly good at insulating heat, velvet is a luxurious piled fabric. Because they’re heavy, you’ll need to make sure the rail is attached to the wall very well. Because of their luxury, they’re a particularly expensive option.


Similar to linen, silk is also a luxurious fabric to use for your curtains. You’ll want to line them if you’d like to increase your privacy and insulation and they’re dry clean only. However, their smooth, satin finish is very aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure they’re installed away from very bright places as they fade in excessive sunlight.


Similar to voile, lace is a lightweight option for your home. It’s a very decorative fabric as the gaps in this material create patterns, sometimes of intricate designs and images. Depending on the quality of the lace and the design, they can be quite expensive options.

It’s important you buy the right fabric for your rooms because they’re a core component of interior designs and they can change the energy efficiency of your home. Not only this but the range of options can be cost-effective or very expensive depending on the fabric you choose to buy.

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