If you’re someone who is particularly light sensitive, or you just want to be submerged in darkness when it comes to bedtime, then you will definitely have heard of blackout blinds. But, are they really worth the investment? Keep reading to find our breakdown of blackout blinds!

Blackout vs Light Filtering

Of course, we are here to talk about black out blinds, but there are other styles of blinds that allow you to remain in control of the light entering your room. A few of those include:

  • Room Darkening – These allow a small amount of light to get through, but you will still get a significant darkening impact.
  • Light Filtering – Allows the most amount of light into a room. If you are looking for something to allow the soothing glow of natural light in, light filtering blinds are made from loosely woven fabric and create a calming, natural environment.
  • Blackout – These allow no light into your room, they are double lined and are the best choice if you want a room to be as dark as possible.

Blackout Blind Breakdown

There are a multitude of reasons as to why someone might choose blackout blinds. These are our most important pros of blackout blinds that you should be aware of!


  • You will probably notice improved efficiency, with blackout blinds providing a good layer of extra insulation in a room.
  • Because of their thickness, blackout curtains can provide an extra layer of protection against loud noises from outside.
  • Since they are not seen through at all, blackout blinds can give you more privacy than other kinds of blinds.
  • By blocking out the sun’s rays, you are protecting your possessions from sun damage and bleaching


Depending on your reasons for wanting blackout blinds, the disadvantages may differ.

  • Blackout curtains will make a room pitch black, so you might need to rely on lamps and electric lighting to see.
  • They are relatively heavier than other types of blinds and will require appropriate, sturdy railings.
  • They typically come in darker colours, depending on the aesthetic of your room, they might not suit your style.

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