There are endless different types of interior design in the world, it would be pretty hard to mention every single one of them. So with that in mind, we have narrowed down a few of our favourites and some of the most popular styles, explaining the key features, colour palettes textures, as well design styles for blinds to incorporate into your home for an authentic, chic approach. Want to brighten up your space but unsure which style to opt for? Read on to find out more!

Industrial Edge

Industrial interiors are all about cutting edge designs and unrefined style. So instead of covering up the structural elements of your home or disguising the raw materials, the industrial design embraces grittiness and transforms functional aspects into fashionable interior design features.

The idea of the industrial-chic look that it is inherently unfinished, but it works as a stylistic choice. Consider concrete, stripped back flooring, beams and exposing brickwork. If you need some ideas to get you started – think about items that are a natural fit with an old mill or factory such as wooden palettes, metal sconce lights or vintage clocks. When it comes to materials, try timber, brass, steel or stone. Don’t worry too much about coordination; the beauty of industrial interiors is an effortless and raw cohesion.

Of course, your industrial-chic interior may need softening up in order to be comfortable. Bring a bit of warmth and texture with carpets, cushions and throws, along with simple accessories.

Window blinds recommendations: Roller shades in dark brown, grey, or black. These stunningly sleek shades are perfectly paired with an industrial interior. You can also add motorization for those bigger, hard-to-reach windows. Another good option could be aluminium blinds. Metal blinds lend an industrial look to spaces which is a cost-sensitive option for larger windows.

Scandinavian Chic

We have seen Scandinavian interior design massively increase in popularity over recent years. The distinctive approach can be altered in a few ways to get your desired Scandi chic look. This could include injection of Japanese with light hues and indoor plants, or combined with bright colours and graphic shapes for a more playful twist.

Whatever style you opt for in your home, the basic principles of Scandinavian style stays the same: good quality and effortless interiors that will last for years to come in the long run, both in terms of durability and their timeless appeal. This makes this style very good value for money.

Achieve a Scandi fusion space by fusing together functionality with aesthetics, going for pieces that are highly practical whilst offering understated elegance. Clean lines paired with natural materials are a must, and you can brighten things up with your choice of colours and prints when choosing soft furnishings.

Window blinds recommendation: A good option is sheer or light filtering blinds in a light brown or honeycomb shade. The top-down/bottom-up functionality also works very well in this style, allowing for increased light without sacrificing too much privacy.

Modern Minimalism

Minimalism is an interior style trend that started the early twentieth century. Built around the idea that ‘less is more’, this interior style concentrates on simplicity and the essentials.

Clean, mess-free spaces (ideally open-plan) are the basis, punctuated only by key pieces of furniture and storage solutions, with colours, patterns and textures used sparingly and intelligently.

The perfect modern take on minimalism is slightly more relaxed, though the original principles remain. Achieve your simple, contemporary space with natural lighting, multi-functional furniture and a minimal neutral colour palette. Consider earthy or stony shades of sand, khaki, white and grey, incorporating pops of colour like pink, mustard and green for a little added excitement.

Keep surfaces clean and clear and limit your accessories to two or three key pieces, ideally in sleek, unfussy materials. Glass also works well, along with natural stones for a more laid back aesthetic.

Window blinds recommendations: the warm natural materials and colours pair well with the design style. Another option is soft roman shades. The flowing style of these shades plays well with the flowing nature of minimalism.

Maximum Impact

Maximalism can be difficult to perfect, but when executed well, it’s an interior style that is guaranteed to turn heads and bring you joy every time you walk into the room. Have a luxurious and eclectic space by beginning with a simple canvas. Opt to neutral flooring and walls, the ideal base for dressing up to the max. You can then bring excitement to space with oversized lampshades, cabinets crammed full of trinkets and layered up window treatments.

Forget your dated ideas about limited colour palettes; opt for, layer different tones in various textures for a truly interesting effect. While maximalism is risky, you can maintain balance by blending an even mix of old and new, bright and muted, curved and linear.

The most impactful maximalist spaces offer a cohesive combination of these contrasts, bringing a true sense of calm to a room, even if it’s packed to the brim or a smaller space.

Window blinds recommendations: Hardwood shutters in white provide the perfect cottage-like feel to really pull together a shabby chic interior. These window treatments pair particularly well with antique or vintage furniture. Another option is roman shades. The curtain-like quality of these shades compliments a maximum impact design style.

The Traditionalist

One of the most popular styles in interior design is a classic, traditional look. While this is open to all kinds of interpretation, the overall rules for a traditional home include classic pieces of furniture, heavy fabrics and dark wood, although lighter tones and texture also work with this style, especially if you prefer softer blue, cream and duck egg colour schemes.

The traditional design focuses on quality over quantity, so think about getting an investment piece that’ll stand the test of time. High-quality fabrics should be chosen over synthetic blends, so consider leather, silk and cotton.

When it comes to patterns, pick quintessentially English designs. Think stripes, florals prints and paisleys. This offers a sense of opulence to the space with investment pieces like fine china or a regal chandelier.

Don’t forget to maintain symmetry in the room; a key part of traditional interiors is uniformity, from the artwork on the wall to the cushions on your sofa.

Window blinds recommendations: Wood blinds in offer a classic, clean aesthetic that perfectly complements the simplicity of the classic look. Another option is Wood Shades. The light organic material pairs well with blues and vibrant neutrals common in coastal interiors. Plus, the added texture of the woven shades plays right into the interior style.

Vintage Style

Vintage style permits you to delve into the different looks from eras gone by, selecting and combining as you wish. This is a look that really lets you get creative! It’s an exciting approach to decorating, allowing you the freedom to design a space specific to your personality and lifestyle, whilst channelling the charming aesthetic and creativity of the mid-century interiors.

If you want to make a space filled with retro vibes, think about the era that best suits you. Decide on the aspects that you’d like to include in your home, for example, a classic piece of furniture, some bold wallpaper, or window treatments with colourful prints.

Mix and match the ideas in a way that works for you! For example, checks and pastels are the perfect choices for 1950s interior style, whilst wood panelling and geometrics in orange, brown and yellow offer 1970s look. You could also combine retro features with modern design, creating a unique space that spans the centuries.

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