When winter rolls around and the temperature drops, it’s only natural to want to curl up in your warm and cosy bed. As you are likely to want to spend more time huddled up in the warmth of your bedroom, it’s only right to make it as cosy as possible.

Here are 5 interior design tips for a warm and cosy bedroom this winter.

1.  Use warm colours

Incorporating warm colours into your home’s interior is key for creating a cosy atmosphere. Add a splash of burnt orange, mustard yellow or rusty red for a homely feel that is guaranteed to make you feel instantly relaxed and cosy.

If you plan on using saturated shades in your bedroom, make sure to balance them out with plenty of warm white to avoid a heavy look.

2.  Add blankets

Not only do thick, knitted blankets add a cosy touch to your room, but they also act as a warm companion for chilly nights at home.

No cosy bedroom is complete without lots of layers, so simply throw your blankets over sofas, chairs, benches and beds to help you snuggle in.

Choose blankets in winter-themed patterns for the ultimate cosy winter wonderland.

3.  Piles of cushions

Cushions are a playful addition to your bedroom’s aesthetic. Add cushions in bold colours for a pop of colour to liven up any neutral bedroom.

Cushions also act as another layer which helps to trap heat and warm your bedroom.

4.  Add a rug

On crisp winter mornings when the air is frosty, bare feet on your cold floor is an unpleasantly unwelcome surprise.

Add a cosy, patterned rug in well-travelled spots including next to your bed to keep your toes from freezing off on the cold winter mornings.

5.  Add blackout curtains/hang heavier drapes

Curtains are an underrated way of adding warmth to your bedroom.

The curtains you choose for your bedroom can drastically change the feel of your room. For example, short, light and airy curtains are typically used in summer because they allow air to easily flow through and cool a room down.

For winter, it’s best to choose thick, heavy blackout curtains as these trap the heat in while preventing any unwanted outside draughts from cooling down your room.

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