You’ve probably heard the term blackout curtains before, but why are they so popular? Our blog dives into the key benefits of installing blackout blinds and why they could be perfect for  your home this year! To find out more, keep on reading!

What Are Blackout Curtains?

In a nutshell, blackout curtains and blinds are fabric drapes that cover your windows, completely blocking out sunlight or streetlights. If you have blinds that let a lot of natural light in, blackout curtains can make a great addition for when you want to sleep, giving you a dark room to rest in. Many people have started to invest in blackout blinds, for a quality night’s sleep!

Benefits Of Blackout Curtains & Blinds

Some of the benefits of choosing blackout curtains include:

  • Noise & Light – Blackout curtains can massively reduce the amount of light and noise that enters your bedroom. For light sleepers or people who struggle to sleep, this can be extremely useful for getting a good night of rest.
  • Insulators – Blackout blinds and curtains are great insulators, which can be extremely handy all year round. During the winter, blackout blinds will trap thermal heat energy in your room, and in the summer, they will help to maintain a regular temperature.
  • Shade During The Summer – If home cooling costs are a concern for you during the summer, blackout blinds will keep all the sunshine out, leaving bedrooms nice and cool throughout the day and night time.
  • Sleeping In The Day – For people who work night shifts, the only time to sleep is during the day. Many people may find it difficult to get a full 8 hours of sleep during daylight. By installing blackout curtains, people who work nights are able to get the rest they need before going to work!
  • Quality Sleep – Many people rely on a dark, if not pitch black, bedroom to ensure that they get a quality night of sleep. By blocking out natural light and even artificial light from street lamps and cars, blackout curtains are extremely effective. Getting quality sleep every night is great for the body and the mind, helping your body maintain its natural circadian rhythm and leaving you refreshed when you wake up!

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