Indoor shutters are an increasingly popular option for people’s homes. They add a nice aesthetic touch to your interior designs and they’re incredibly practical. From their insulating properties to repelling insects and providing window protection, here’s why you should consider installing them in your home.

Increased Insulation

The first reason you should install indoor window shutters is because they will provide you with more insulation.

Heat: Indoor shutters act as an extra barrier between your room and its windows, using the gap between the two as a buffer to increase heat retention. When it comes to summer and you’d like the room to be cooler you only need to open them.

Sound: Indoor shutters also provide extra sound insulation. If your home’s surroundings are often quite loud then these are a great way to contribute to minimising how this impacts your daily life, whether they’re for your bedroom, home office or any other room.

Privacy With Sunlight

Ensuring your house is a private space where you can relax and do what you’d like without worrying about who can see you is crucial. If you have curtains then you’ll understand that choosing between adequate sunlight and privacy is a frustrating ultimatum. Instead, you should install shutters because they can provide both at the same time. Their angled slats allow enough sunlight through whilst blocking the inside of your home to anybody passing by. They’re the perfect middleground.

They Repel Insects

Similarly, it’s frustrating in summer when the insects are out and you need to choose between allowing in fresh air or stopping insects from coming in. Shutters can be used to allow the windows to be left open whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of insects that enter your home.

Window Protection

If you have particularly lively children then shutters are a good option to avoid your windows getting damaged from inside your home. The same is true if you have mischievous and adventurous pets which might knock something over, causing it to hit the window.

They Can Be Tailor-Made

Another reason you’ll want to install interior shutters is because if you choose Blinds Of All Kinds,  they can be tailor made to fit your specific circumstance. Whether it’s that you’d like solid panel options or a slatted option, or if it’s that you’d like shutters for your french doors to match your windows, we’ve got you covered!

Our priority is to craft a blind, curtain, shutter or awning option that fits your specific requirements. This totally bespoke service is also competitively priced and uses high-quality materials. If you have any further questions about interior shutters, or any of our other services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01892 610 780 today!