Have you ever had blinds and been frustrated by the adjustments you have to make? Regular blinds require shifting the slats until they are at the perfect angle to let in just the right amount of light. This isn’t ideal for everyone and it can be frustrating when you’re trying to get it just so. Vision blinds make this struggle a thing of the past.

What Are Vision Blinds?

These blinds are made with alternating strips of fabric, which can be controlled with a remote to move them against each other. This creates an opaque design if you wish to prevent much light from coming in, but if you move them so they are separated, you’ll get more light and a view of the outdoors.

The Benefits of Vision Blinds

There are many benefits to installing vision blinds. Let’s take a closer look:

They’re easy to use. A remote allows you to control the blinds easily, without fussing with strings that get tangled or are difficult and confusing to use. You’ll find that these blinds slide easily and you can quickly adjust them to where you want them.

They look nice. Many blinds are rather industrial in appearance and can be less than appealing. However, with vision blinds, you get a lovely looking window treatment that appears as striped fabric in the window, both inside and out. The look changes slightly as you adjust the blinds to suit your needs, but they look quite elegant.

They’re easy to look after. Vision blinds don’t require much maintenance because they’re flat and don’t collect dust like the other types of blinds do.

They’re customisable. If you have a particular colour you want for your home, then you can order the blinds in that shade. It’s also possible to match the colours in your house or to accent with another colour. It all looks wonderful. If you wish, you can mix and match colours to provide some unique stripes that will turn your living space into a truly unique room.

These blinds are also fully adjustable so you can close them off to prevent light or you can open them up to give more natural light.

Vision blinds are a new way to give your home some privacy and offer a little extra bling for your windows. They’re beautiful, affordable, and look amazing.

If you’re interested in having some vision blinds of your own, contact Blinds of All Kinds to learn more about what we offer.