With so many of us now working a hybrid week, and spending some of our working days at home, having a brilliant home office is of the utmost importance. Keep reading to find our breakdown of how to create a fantastic home workspace!


Picking out furniture that keeps you organised is vital! The last thing you need is a cluttered office space, especially when you’re working from home. Think about investing in a good desk, decent storage and filing cabinets. Staying neat and tidy can help you to keep a clear mind, and optimise your overall productivity.


Neutral and calming colours are typically the go to when it comes to home offices. Beige, white, tan and neutral green shades are relatively common. It can be calming to have neutral colours in your workspace, as opposed to bold and bright colours such as red. Keeping a collected space can help you to keep a clear mind and be more productive day to day.


This may seem like a small thing to include, but adding nature and a calming green colour to your office space can be useful in keeping you productive too. Plants will bring a beautiful natural element to your home office, combining the inside and outside spaces.


Lighting is extremely important when it comes to your home office. You really want to optimise the natural lighting you get in the room. Artificial lighting can strain your eyes over time, especially if you are looking at a computer screen all day anyway. Having natural light from a window or skylight, or somewhere close to your garden can be a great way to keep getting vitamin D and keeping a refreshed mind throughout the day,

Shutters & Blinds

You want to choose shutters and blinds that allow a nice amount of natural light in. But, you still want to be able to control the amount of light getting in, especially on those really sunny days. Choosing your shutters or blinds is a big task too! From shutters to roman blinds, there is definitely a good option for you.

Blinds Of All Kinds

Here at Blinds Of All Kinds, we are here to help you find the blinds or shutters for you. Whether you need blinds made to measure, roman blinds or wooden shutters, our range of products is vast, and we will definitely have something to suit your needs!

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