Office blinds for windows aid heat retention and help keep offices cool during summer and help insulate heat during the winter months.

An integral part of maintaining a comfortable working environment, blinds come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so it can be surprisingly tricky deciding on which style is right for your workspace.

Thankfully; we’re on hand to help.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are typically constructed from one piece of flat material, usually fabric, that can be drawn into pleats. A Roman blind has a lining or blackout lining attached to the back of the fabric to form a sealed pocket, insulating heat in the winter and keeping things cool during the summer.

Much like roller blinds, Roman blinds can be drawn at any length, allowing the desired light into your workspace.

Venetian Blinds

A Venetian window blind consists of horizontal slats which can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through it. A horizontal window blind can be adjusted to your liking, allowing for a room that’s full of light, or one in which 95% of all light is blocked out.

With the pull of a string, you can draw your blinds and direct the light much faster than vertical blinds, which can stick as you draw them open.

Quick and easy to use, often simpler and faster than a roller blind, which requires a few tugs on their (occasionally awkward) pulley system, Venetian blinds can be made from a variety of materials – wood, metal, plastic, making them both affordable and durable.

Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night blinds allow for optimal light control for your workspace. Versatile, affordable, and effortless, featuring two alternate strips of fabric, one translucent, the other opaque,  Day and Night blinds are able to switch back and forth between allowing light in the room and/or blocking it out entirely when required.

This versatility makes them a great choice for office blinds, decreasing glare on a computer screen on sunny days, keeping the light out over the summer, or letting it in over the winter, warming your workspace.

Vertical Blinds

If your office has particularly large windows or a back door, leading to a patio or garden, vertical blinds are a serious option. The blinds feature tall slats that fall vertically, rather than horizontally, meaning they are well-suited for extra-large windows that may be too large for traditional horizontal blinds.

At Blinds of All Kinds, we’re proud to stock an amazing variety of window coverings, perfect for all areas of the home including bedrooms, conservatories, living rooms, kitchens, and bathroom blinds. If you’re unsure what would look best in your home, our friendly team can visit your home and talk you through the best possible options.

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