Indoor shutters can be a great addition to any home and give a lovely look to your space. However, they’re also very functional. If you’ve been wondering why you should consider shutter instead of curtains, look no further!

Here are the big benefits of shutters over curtains.

Boost Home Value

Shutters add to the curb appeal of your home, making it easier to sell. Window coverings that come with the house will also help increase the price and give it a better look for those walking through with the intention of purchasing a home. Higher quality shutters will tend to boost the value more than a simpler window covering.

Block Out Noise

In addition to being good at preventing excess light from coming in, indoor shutters help block out noise. This gives you better rest and makes daily life a much calmer affair. Of course, the amount of coverage you get will depend greatly on the chosen design and style of the shutter. Thicker shutters will block more of the outdoor chaos, while thinner ones permit more light to enter the space and reduce noise a certain amount.

Better Control Over Light

Some rooms of the home require more control over light than others. For example, you may want to make certain your bedroom is dark in the morning to promote sleeping. While there are blackout curtains, shutters allow you to get just the right mix of light, depending on the type of shutter you choose. If you like a bright airy space, but still value your privacy, a lighter shutter will work well. Some are even adjustable so you can choose the light level you want at any given point in the day.

Easy Cleaning

Curtains require being taken down and washed, then dried, ironed, and hung back up. It can be quite a task to manage. Shutters are easily wiped down, saving you time and energy. Even the shutters with slats can be wiped with a damp cloth or you can use a special duster that fits between multiple slats at once.

Perfect Colour Match

Want your window treatments to match the trim in your space or even the wall colour? Unlike curtains, shutters can be painted to exactly match any other paint colour in the room. This gives you plenty of amazing possibilities when it comes to interior decorating and makes it much easier to match your window treatments to the space.

Window treatments are an important part of decorating a home. They can make a space feel more beautiful and homier. With the right shutters, you can really enhance your rooms.

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