Wooden blinds have been used for centuries to keep out light but they have changed significantly to become the stylish 21st-century blinds we use today. Although maybe related to a more traditional decor style, wooden blinds can be used to transform anywhere into an edgy and modern space.

Learn how this style of blind can modernise your home.

What are wooden blinds?

Wooden blinds, often known as Venetian blinds, originated to replace fabric curtains or shutters and describe a window blind that is made up of horizontal slats and held up by cords that raise, lower and tilt the blinds. As the name suggests, they originated from Venice, Italy but blinds have been traced back further to Ancient Egypt and China. Blinds quickly became popular around the world as they were deemed practical as well as pleasing to the eye.

Which colour is best?

Wooden blinds in a Venetian style are available in both metal or wood but wood allows you to add a warm tone to your windows or brighten up a space with white. Sticking to natural wood can add a relaxing aesthetic, which allows you to work with the grain and colour to tie into your chosen interior design style of the room. To make the blinds more modern you can pick neutral tones such as grey or white which will fit seamlessly into a modern space. Wood allows you the flexibility of picking any colour which will harmonise your window into your overall colour palette.

As styles such as minimalist and scandi design have become more popular, it is common to see straight shapes, neutral colours and a blend of textures used to make simple decor look cosy and inviting. Wooden blinds help to finish a space that is functional, beautiful and warm.

What are the benefits of wooden blinds?

Wooden blinds have added benefits greater than just aesthetics. Fabric curtains lack the additional benefit of practicality as they are either open or closed. With blinds, you can choose to have them pulled up partially or tilted to allow a controlled amount of light in, while also allowing you privacy from outside. Made to measure Venetian blinds will fit perfectly into your window space and create a modern and practical solution for any room.

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