Awnings are used for both homes and businesses and they can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. However, they do come in a number of sizes, styles, and types, so you’ll need to make a few decisions before you take one home.

Which awning should you select? That depends on a number of factors.


How much area do you need to cover? The awning will provide shade and protection from the elements, but you may just want a small one to protect a window, or you may prefer something large enough to shade an entire patio. Measure the space that needs to be protected, then talk to the company to determine what the best option is.

Keep in mind that most awnings are tilted so the rain can run off easily, but this means they will cover a little less than their full measurement.


A treated fabric may be a better option for your space. Awnings may be created with UV treatment so they will stay bright and great looking for long periods of time. The investment is usually worth it, particularly if you are using the awning for a business.

Colour and Design

Your awning will become a part of your outdoor space, so take the time to choose something that really enhances the look of the area. If you have a light, tropical feel to your patio, aim for an awning that matches. Alternatively, something neutral will make it easier to ignore.

Extra Features

There are some other features that you can integrate into your awning, so if you are creating an outdoor space that will be used no matter the season, it will be comfortable. For example, you can have heating set up in the awning to ensure you stay comfortable during cooler weather or you can add lights. If you’ll be using the area at night, a little extra lighting is a good idea.

Once you’ve selected the perfect awning for your needs, you can set it up and enjoy it. Still looking for the right one? Check out Blinds of All Kinds to see what we have to offer! Browse our website to find out more about what we do or get in touch with us today.