Office spaces are often decorated for function, nothing else, but there’s no reason not to enjoy the space. Window dressings serve multiple purposes, including decoration, but certain designs are better for the aesthetic of your office.

Whether you’re working from a home office or sharing a space with dozens of other people, the right window treatments can make it easier to work.


The simplest option for your office is blinds. These are available in a range of styles and materials, but they’re ideal for adjusting the light as needed. If you want to tamp down outside light so you can illuminate with a ring light for an online meeting, you may simply close the blinds. However, you can also open them slightly to give a soft glow or some ambient light as needed.

Wood blinds are perfect for office décor as they match nearly anything and look classic. They’re costlier than most other types, due to the material, but the wood will also last for a long time and should provide plenty of protection. If you prefer a lower cost option, there are also faux wood blinds available. These last longer and cost less.

Roman shades are a nice classic method of shading a window and providing some privacy for the office. They come in colours and prints that suit every type of décor. You can add a nice little touch of whimsy to your space with just a set of Roman blinds.

You may like to use roller shades, as well. These look more like curtains in that they use fabric, but they don’t need to be pulled back. Instead, they simply roll up and out of the way as needed, then down again to create a flat surface.


Of course, not everyone finds blinds appealing, so if you’re one of them, you may need to return to curtains. These come in so many styles that you can enjoy in your office.

Bespoke curtains give you the perfect opportunity to create a space that is truly unique. They look more professional, as well, because the fabric is perfectly tailored to the windows you have and to the exact dimensions you need.

Whether you are decorating a home office or a larger commercial office, you should take the time to choose décor that suits the design and makes your office feel more comfortable to work in.

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