If you’re expecting an addition to the family, or you’re looking to maintain a safer home, childproofing the domestic space is essential. This doesn’t simply relate to overt hazards such as fireplaces, plug sockets, and sharp objects, but also some of the less obvious dangers around the home. Some window blind designs pose particular danger to children, with long dangling cords likely a hanging or choking threat for youngsters. At Blinds of All Kinds, we prioritise safety of all customers, so let us take you through some crucial safety tips, and useful alternatives for your windows.

What Are The Potential Hazards?

Children are naturally curious, and the large cord attached to a set of blinds will likely be a source of interest for kids. Unfortunately, these mechanisms will act as a makeshift noose if used incorrectly, looping around the neck, causing restricted breathing. Though childsafe features exist, not all branded blinds are equipped with these crucial additions. Other hazards to arise from misusing blinds may include cuts and bruises from falling blinds, as many designs include a hard metal or plastic bottom.

Are There Different Blind Types Available?

The good news is that there are plenty of blind types available from our range which don’t use the traditional mechanism. Legislation within The United Kingdom ensures that blinds provided by UK retailers will always either come equipped with a child safety device, or shun cords altogether, in favour of twist mechanisms or other functionalities. As a result of this, your existing blinds may not be safe by design, with the length of cord not restricted by child safety requirements. It may be time to replace your current set if this is the case.

Should I Consider Smart Blinds?

Smart blinds offer an alternative to traditional roller blinds, and can be controlled via smart phones and remote controls, preventing the need for a dangerous hanging cord. Motorised and innovative, smart blinds from Blinds of All Kinds are surprisingly affordable, with the Louvolite One Touch range particularly worth your time. Browse our gallery to consider your options, and guarantee a safe home space for your family. We even provide bilnd alternatives if this is your preference.

What Are My Other Options From Blinds of All Kinds?

At Blinds Of All Kinds, we maintain over 20 years experience when it comes to customer satisfaction, providing an array of blinds, shutters, curtains, and much more. We manufacture products for every taste and special requirement, so if you’ve been searching for an excellent custom blind manufacturer in the Crowborough or East Sussex area, we’re well-placed as your number one choice. With a huge range on offer within our blinds shop, simply contact us today for specific product information.