Window shutters complement many different interior styles. Whether your home is more traditional or more modern, there are many different types. You can choose between wooden shutters, PVC or aluminium shutters, all of which can elevate your decor and provide you with the perfect addition to any room. If you’ve decided to install wooden shutters in your home, you may be searching for the best shutter company in your area. A great shutter company will have an extensive range of shutters and blinds to choose from to help you get the best made-to-measure shutters.

Here are some of our tips for choosing the perfect window shutter for your home.

Choosing the right material

There are many different types of shutter materials to choose from and which one you choose will be dependent on your home and needs. You first need to think about quality. Wooden shutters and polymer shutters offer excellent durability and quality while still looking great. If you need to consider thermal insulation, then you may opt for polymer shutters or specific types of wooden shutters that can offer greater warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Shutters made from aluminium don’t offer any thermal insulation, so it is something to keep in mind. However, if you are installing shutters in an outdoor area, aluminium is best. Whereas, in your bathroom or laundry room, polymer shutters are ideal as they are waterproof.

Colour choices

Usually, shutters are available in a range of whites and off-whites. You can opt for a specific colour and many shutters can be custom painted at an extra cost. If you are choosing aluminium shutters, there may be a minimum order size needed to achieve a custom colour.

How to achieve the best results

When looking for new shutters for your home, it’s a good idea to do your research on the shutter company beforehand to make sure they will give you the best results. Check reviews and ratings from previous customers and ask friends and family which shutter company they opted for.

If you are choosing wooden shutters, check that the company manufacturing the shutters is using true wood and not a man-made MDF product. It’s also a good idea to check with the manufacturing company that the PVC they use contains no hazardous substances. You can ask for a certificate to confirm this.

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