Whether you are an interior design aficionado or not sure where to begin and want to give your home an update, checking out the latest curtain and blinds summer trends is always an incredibly exciting prospect. With this in mind, we are going to give you the lowdown of the latest curtain and blinds trends for 2021. Read on to discover more!

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds have had a massive resurgence over the last few years and 2021 is no exception and this trend is only set to grow even further as we approach autumn. The elegant, traditional look is a huge selling point to lots of people as the design can match virtually the design of any room that it’s put in.

Roller blinds

An elegant look that is still as popular as ever. And not going anywhere anytime soon Roller blinds are having a big comeback in popularity at this time, and this is with good reason. Their minimalist design has permitted for a huge range of innovative colours, fabrics and designs to now come to light and look good – all year round.

A pop of mustard

Opting for eye-catching colours, mustard yellow is still holding its place as a fashionable favourite! Having enjoyed a renaissance over the last year, any kind of mustard yellow is bang on trend for brightening up dark spaces; and looks amazing when used in blinds for the kitchen for example or if you are updating a minimalist space that has seen much better days.

Vintage style

Do you love quirky geometric designs, bold shapes and a retro aesthetic? Vintage or retro styles, particularly 1970’s interiors are really big right now. These designs and shapes go hand in hand with the bright colours we mentioned earlier and look truly fantastic either as full-length curtains dressing rooms with large big bay windows and high ceilings or equally as show-stopping as a statement blind.

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